L13 Winter 2006 : Week 11 Roundup

Apex :
His lead seemed unsurpassable last week and it’s now been stretched to 20 points from the chasing Jazz S. Steve Tagger is all set to get v close to the best winning score ever posted for a season… (Jazz S – 391, in case you we’re wondering..)
Nadir :
Looks set for a straight scrap for the wooden spoon between Jon A and bottom placed Will O who closed the gap to three points this week.
Rising :
Up 13 places to 3rd I go, la la, la la! (and only a mere 30 points off top spot!) – others of note are Tapiwa M (+6) in 27th and Gary B (+9) in 32nd
Sinking :
Whooomp! There he is! Julian F is down 12 places to 37th – others of note are Ben McK (-6) in 29th, Neil T (-8) in 39th and, sacre bleu!, Michelle F (-6) in 41st (welcome back from gay Paris honey!)
Close & A Cigar! :
Jamie S (+1) is up to 11th and just, erm, no points and, ummm, no correct scores off the prizes….if it was Week 13 Jamie, you’d be sharing £25 with Matt G
Spotters :
Karl C (+5) on 17th, Dave McS (-5) on 23rd, Neil T (-8) on 39th and John W (-4) on 47th
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Gary B (+9) is to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!
Two Dodgy Pens & One Offside! :
Well that lording it round the house did last long for Michelle F as yours truly stormed Week 11, winning it quite handsomely (natch!) with 42 (7) – and that’s without the Leeds – Barnsley 2-2 I called (Jesus, I’m ace!) that had to be voided due to an admin error by one of the minions…. I apologise to the couple of other players who also missed out on 4 points. You just can’t get the staff these days!
Off Work With A Faceache :
He’s not really my brother, he’s that milkman’s – the one that didn’t like football… Julian F plods in with 11 (0)
Correct Score of the Week :
Not many about this week… I got Palace 3 QPR 0, Rich L got Brum 3 Plymouth and Karl C got Arsenal 3 Sp*rs 0. I think you know who got score of the week.
Bet of the Week :
We are now down to £8.75 profit due to the latest treble chance loss. I’ll have a think and try and come up with some plum selections just in time for Chrimbo.