L13 Winter 2006 : Week 10 Roundup

Haircut 100 :
As it’s Week 10 it’s really easy to work out the average scores…and Steve Tagger is averaging nearly 30 points a week! Safe to say his lead of 17 points is looking pretty unassailable…
David James’s Barnet :
Some 20 points on average behind the leader is Will Oppong who now finds himself 13 points away from 2nd bottom.
Hopeless Hair Do :
Highest climber is cockernee WHam geezer (from Kent no less!) Matt W, up 12 places to 20. Others moving significantly up are Dave N & Neil T (+10) and Michelle F (+11)
Hair Don’t :
Falling furthest is Manc Citeh laydeee (from Urmston!) Pam R, down 11 places to 46. Others moving significantly the wrong way are Ben H (-10), and Martin S & Lisa G (-6).
Close & A Cigar! :
Current “Geordies FFL” leader Stephen P (+3) is just 3 points off the prize money places.
Spotters :
Scott A (+1) on 17th, Ben McK (+7) on 23rd, Mark G (-4) on 39th and Howard T (-2) on 47th.
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Mark McD (-5) is to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!
Hooray! Hooray! Hooraaaaay! :
As stated before, I would rather eat glass than fix a week and give the missus bragging rights in Casa Fernandez. So, until I produce a winning week score or get into the Top Ten, Michelle Fernandez 33(7) will be lording it up clutching a crisp twenty and mocking in my general direction. Oh joy! Mrs F just edged out Matt W courtesy of two more correct scores…
Boooo! Hisssss! :
The slide continues for Pam Riding 11(0) who seems determined to get the wooden spoon after a promising first couple of weeks.
Correct Score of the Week :
Loads got Colchester, Forest, Tottenham and Rangers, Mark G / Dave N / Danny A got Dunfermline 0 Aberdeen 3 and Scott Aslett somehow managed to get Motherwell 4 Falkirk 2! Correct, he is now in the “Best Correst Score of the Season” slot…
Bet of the Week :
Well, he got the Welsh part of the treble right but failed with the other two “nailed on” selections. Greg E has now taken the profit down to £13.75 and next up is Michelle F – I think I know what that bet will be already…
Thought of the Week :
Now that Phil has gone, why has Che Neville got “G. Neville” on his back?