L13 Winter 2006 : Week 7 Roundup

Small Teams In London :
If scoring 20 points is a bad week then he had one – Steve Tagger is still top but, ominously, his lead has been cut to 5 points by Jazz S. Mr 2-0 makes a Top ten debut for the first time ever at 8. Man, that’s depressing…
Big Teams In London :
If scoring 15 points is a good week, then it’s not good enough – Will Oppong is still bottom and 3 points away from Jon A.
North West Teams :
Highest climber is Week 7 winner Mark Grey (+14) up to 30th – gold stars to Donna E (+13) on 11th, Neil M (+11) on 14th, Scott A (+11) on 16th, Tapiwa M (+11) on 21st and Ben McK (+10) on 25th.
North East Teams :
Biggest drop is Week 7 loser Mark McDowell (-15) down to 22nd – black marks to Dave Mcs (-12) on 26th, Pam R (-13) on 28th and Matt W (-10) on 32nd
Close & A Cigar! :
One point off the Top Ten is Donna E (+13)
Spotters :
Wayne C (+4) at 17, John G (-5) at 23, Mark J B (-5) at 39 and Danny A (non mover) at 47.
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Matt W (-10) is to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!
Show Them The Whole Thing :
In the bizarrest of bizarre weeks I spose it had to be a City fan to come out on top! Congrats to Mark Grey 38 (5) who just about edged out Donna E, Jazz S and Neil M. £20 to spend on some elastic for Joey B’s shorts then…
You Are Not Ready :
From zero to hero back to zero again – it’s been an eventful debut for Mark McDowell 9 (0) who racks up his second worst score of the week this season.
Correct Score of the Week :
Loads got Man U (what was Kranjcar doing???!) and loads got Wolves (3-1 speculators, I’ve got me eye on youse!). Amazingly, Simon L / Mark G / Greg E all got Barnsley’s 9 pointer and Karl C / Jazz S / Danny A got PNE’s 7 pointer. However, correct score of the week and new overall best prediction goes to Howard Thomas for his Dundee Utd 2 Rangers 1.
Bet of the Week :
I knew it was going to be a bad week when I scoffed at this and wasted a fiver on Southampton, Palace and Arsenal. Olly O’s well thought out double on Charlton and Watford now has us sitting pretty on +£28.75. Over to you Mr Grey, no pressure…