L13 Winter 2006 : Week 4 Roundup

Tom Tom :
You’ve heard of Northern Soul, well, get ready for Northern Jazz! Neil Birchall is setting a breakneck pace at the top and threatening to do a Mr Sian. His lead is now 9 points from Richard L
Scott Scott :
The Swedes may be turning out top notch music at the minute but the predicting fraternity is all a bit Macclesfield. Anders Hoglund is propping up the rest 4 points from Danny B
Found My Thrill :
Obviously Steve Tagger is this weeks highest climber, up a big Yorkshire-man-pride-size 33 places to 11th. Hot also this week were Dan R (+26), Ciaran McG (+19), Olly O (+21) and Neil M (+19)
Road To Nowhere :
Obviously Dave Nicklin is this weeks biggest faller, down a big Geordie-title-hope-size 20 places to 29th. Cold also this week were Jamie S (-11), Greg E (-17) and Will O (-13)
Close & A Cigar! :
That man Steve T again – how apt.
Spotters :
Dave McS 17th (+7), Matt G 23rd (-9), Tapiwa M 39th (+2) and Danny A 47th (+1)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Ben A is (-7) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!
Super Cally :
A very high scoring week indeed – a trio of late 30 scores and a couple of level 42’s (Dan R & a rejuvenated Clare N!). But, this weeks winner may have a double celebration this week cos he’s won the £20 AND he should have a lickle baby very soon as well – congrats to Steve Tagger 47 (7). Scant consolation maybe for seeing your team lose 0-4 at home but will he spend the money on Pampers or some krunk juice? Pop yo’ collar!
Chelsea Keeper :
Yet another man to see a home defeat this weekend and it was made all the worse as he only scored 11 (0). Dave Nicklin “stand up/pogo/take of yer shoes if you love P-A-S!”
Correct Score of the Week :
Nothing unique this week so Ben A is still clutching that Lady…lots o’ peeps got Wigan – Man U, Arsenal, Dundee U – Celtic (amazingly!) and Plymouth – Derby.
Bet of the Week :
Week 3 winner Jamie S had a dismal week all round (see table later) as his Reading 1 Chelsea 1 punt fell by the wayside thanks to a goal line clearance in the last minute. £5 down again and next up is the T-Dogg (woof!)
Some Fings :
Why does Gary Teale wear contact lenses?? He hasn’t got any eyes! Just hollows that make Nick Skelington look like Marty Feldman…
Why was Ronaldo’s showboat goal for Portugal ruled out in the week?? That cost me seven points mate…
Why didn’t I check I had 1-2 and not 1-3 before cheering on that Norwegian poxy pixie paperboy on Saturday morning?
And why did I also change my Kilmarnock and Motherwell scores as well? I could’ve been a contender! I could have been somebody!

Sorry. I’m glad I listened to Mark J Brown’s wild generalisation that “Plymouth win ALL their home games 3-1”. Not only eight points in the bag but I lumped on @ 20/1 too! A right touch!