World Cup 2006 : Final Standings

Hola! Que pasa? Bueno bueno. El tablo finalio? Donde esta!

Fabio Cannavaro :
It went to the wire between the top two, but Simon Lindquist 5(1) has his correct Final prediction to thank for pipping Dave N to the post. A Swede of sorts, and not the only Scandinavian winner, Simon now has £100 to spend on watching Woking next season (I’d imagine in some comfort with al that money!). Well done! A worthy winner – skol! You will be able to see Simon with the “PAS Cup” when current champ, Mark F has sent it on. Seen Mark F on the “Gallery” yet? He’s up there after his triumph in PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2006 – check out the top!
ZiZou Chestbutt:
Involved in one of the most inept battles this side of Switzerland v Ukraine, Pam Dyson 1 (0) managed to secure the wooden spoon probably only because three members of the Fernandez clan were marginally less rubbish! Dan B deserves a mention here, as our Chelski friend finished second bottom despite his 6th place in Lucky 13 Spring 2006… Pam, the wooden spoon is on it’s way – we want a picture for the gallery!
Correct Score of the Tournament:
Seems so long ago now, but Scott Aslett (Sweden 0 Trinidad & Tobago 0) was never really going to be bettered and wins the prize! Final round mentions to Karl C, Stephen P, Ciaran McG, Will O, Richard L who all got Germany’s lucky win over Portugal… Bitter? moi??
Bet of the Week :
Dave N’s correct score double was nowhere near, so we ended up £1.85 to the good, or we would’ve if I had managed to post up Mark G’s selections on time….

Table News:

Big Movers:
Karl Chartres 8(1) and Stephen Peaston 12(1) both crashed into the Top 7 finishing 3rd and 5th respectively! Tim Clements 5(1) nudged up to 6th. Ciaran McG 8(1) left it too late for a prize, Will O 8(1) just missed out on spot prize and Richard L 12(1) will just have to take heart in the fact that he was one of two people to record maximum points on the final weekend.
Furthest Fallers:
Martin S and Jamie S were left to rue only scoring 1(0) and falling out of the prize positions. Special mentions to Pam R and Julian F who both scored 0(0) – genius!
Spot Prizers:
Super Swede Anders Hoglund (-1), the perennial Jazz Sian (-3) and the lovely, if jammy, Michelle Fernandez (non mover) all finished on spot prize postions 17th, 29th and 39th to win £10 each.


PS – thanks for taking part, remember to come back with at least 2 friends in September for Lucky 13 Winter 2006 (I’ll be in touch), thankyou for all your messages when you send in your scores (sorry I can’t reply to them all, but i like getting them!), lookout for a new webpage that’ll kick off the new season and check out the current site for pics and stats (if you’re sad like me!) – cheers again to Dave N for making it all happen on the super highway…

PPS – Prize winners! I’ll be touch re: payment very soon- congrats again!

PPPS – Special mention of congratulations to Ciaran McGoldrick for the latest addition to his clan (Louis Elijah) and to Chris Tromans on getting hitched to the delightful Susi in Madrid the weekend just gone. Big, and indeed, up!