World Cup 2006 : Preview

it’s nearly here and we need to get involved – forget all those two bob fantasy team games, this is the one you should be playing this summer!

all the regulars – you know the score.

all you newcomers – have a look at the rules attached (actually, regulars, have a look too)

it’s not rocket science, in a nut shell it’s predict the scores of all 64 games and the 4 people with the most points come July 9th will win money! Tenner entry fee – simple!

I’ve attached the first of the scoresheets (there’ll be 6 in total) so you can get an idea of what’s going on….

spread the word to yer mates and get them to e-mail their e-dress so I can add them to the list….the more the merrier the more the money! and whilst on that subject, remember to reply if you WANT TO TAKE PART.

If I don’t hear from you, I’ll take it as a “no thanks”.

When you do reply, please indicate preferred e-dresses you’d like to be contacted on.

that’s it, it kicks off on June 9th – deadline for payment is June 8th (see the Rules for payment details!).