Spring 2006 : Cup QF & L13 Week 9 – Review


Finally out of the sickbed and enough energy to type (I felt like ET when they found him by the river…) – soz for the disruption but I understand Steve P and Dave N have been looking after you – cheers lads.

OK, Week 9…

Weekly Winner:
Andy Bowkett won with 34 (5) just edging out Steve P on 33 (4) If you want to a last minute Bet of the Week Andy, the floor is yours – well done, £20 coming your way soon…
Bet of the Week:
Yep, Tapiwa M lost so now we’re down to £3-odd profit…
PAS Cup Quarter Finals:
Soooooo, Steve P knocks out the current League Champion, Jazz S has that Polish keeper to thank for the extra point on his Spurs joker to salvage the first draw in the history of the Cup (I think), Dan B’s extra correct score takes him through and Jamie S probably can’t believe his luck.
Simon L – Jazz S replay will take place on Week 11 – Simon, you get to play a joker this time… the other 3 through are now guaranteed a payout at the end of the season – well done!

I’ll get all the details over to Dave soon so he can compile a table – remember, scoresheets back to me (on both e-dresses please!) by 19.44 tonight.