L13 Spring 2006 : Week 9 – BotW

We’re £8.35 up but it’s Tapiwa M next up, so I reckon we’ll be back down to £3.35 on Monday – I’ll let him explain…

Wassup! Ever since I was a little pickney growing up in Zimbabwe I knew I was a Scouser at heart, so that’s why I moved to London to mix with all the other true Reds.

Anyway, a few of them actually started to go to at least one game at Anfield every two years or something mad like that so I had to hot foot it up to Mancland, where no one in right mind would venture “west” to home of 5 Big Cups.

I love it in my armchair, I really got behind the boys on that unforgettable night last May…

My bet this week is £2.50 on a scorecast of Liverpool 2-0/Carragher 1st scorer and £2.50 on Liverpool 2-0/Kewell 1st scorer. Later lah!

Result: LOSER!

Remember our recruitment campaign for the World Cup – get 'em signed up.

Buenos Weekendio! I'm off to Derby to watched AJ crash a hat-trick in a 0-3 win…