PAS World Cup 2006…

Dear Cream of PAS,

The World Cup cometh and of course, we will be predicting our little hearts out!

I was toying with the idea of the Top 16 only qualifying, all 32 of us drawing a team and getting bonus points for each goal they score, having a handicap system to stop Jazz Sian winning any money… But nah, in the end I’ve decided after much deliberation with the Board, to make it “open season” and embrace all-comers (oo-er!)

Basically we want to get as many as possible playing in June to a) keep the entry fee down and b) give us a chance to take more money off the suckers!

Soooooo, I propose the following as a recruitment drive.

You get as may “PAS Virgins” to sign up for the World Cup (don’t bother going back to those who have played before, they’re on *my* list!) tell them the rules, show ’em how it’s done and we’ll get them to participate on Week 11 (for free!) so they can get a “feel” for the wonder of our beautiful game.

Get them to send me an e-mail headed “I’m A Virgin And I’m Gagging For Some PAS” and I’ll do the rest.

If your “virgin” beats all other “virgins” in Week 11, you will be granted free entry into World Cup 06! (but be nice and share the cost with them yeah?!)

To qualify for your freebie though, your “virgin” has to sign up to play in June – in other words get as many people as you can to take part in Week 11, they’ll get hooked, sign up for the World Cup and you might get a free entry for your troubles. Nice.

In the words of the brothers from the jungle – what you waitin’ for?!