L13 Spring 2006 : Week 7 – IMPORTANT INFO

Just when it was all going so smooooothly…

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Rich Lee and latterly Dan Bushell, we’ve uncovered a glitch that has, ahem, has some great affect…

It seems the Dundee Utd score was marked as a draw but as we all know it was actually 3-1 – sooooooooooo,

Danny A is not his weeks winner (he had 1-1 for Dundee Utd). Sorry Dan, it’s cruel and we should have re-checked without a prompt – harsh lessons have been learned…

Jon Tofieli is the real winner with his total of 33 (3) – well done Jon, I think you owe Rich & Dan a drink!

Some of youse have increased your score (notably John W who is now top) and some of you (well just poor Dan A I think) have lost points.

The new revised table will be up on the webpage very soon.

Apologies from the Board,