L13 Spring 2006 : Week 7 – Review

If two last minute “wonder strikes” hadn’t given Chelsea & Pompey last gasp winners, i’d be sitting here home, hosed and weighed-in as the weekly winner. So, it’s still up for grabs – here’s the scenarios…

If Palace win 1-3, Danny Ashworth will win

If Stoke win 2-0, Mr 2-0 and his 4 lazy mates (Andy B, Darryl M, Mindy N and Tapiwa M) will win (£4 each!)

If Palace win by any score other than 1-3, Simon Lindquist will win.

Any draw and I win!

Any Stoke win other than 2-0, Simon L and I will share the honours – I’m just waiting for that last minute goal…