L13 Spring 2006 : Week 5 – Review

Englands New Kit :
He may be a loser in love but the boy from “Heartbreak High”, Mark Fawke 44(7) scored plenty in Week 5. £20 then for a good few hours trawling the internet for that *special* girl or maybe purchase of a new fleece to wear. You decide Drazic!
He’s from Wigan, probably supports them, might have gone to Cardiff but definitely feels a lost worse after the “horse-less drubbing” – hang your blue-and-white-comedy-hatted-head in shame Neil Birchall 12(0) – that’ll teach you to “ole” me after the semi-final!
Correct Score of the Week:
Four of you got the Blackburn debacle correct and Karl C / Jamie S we’re off to a flyer on Friday thanks to Huddersfield’s late comeback to 2-2 with Swansea. No one got a correct score that carried bonus points, so that left my Gretna 1 St Mirren 0 prediction as the stand alone best score. I thank you.
Bet of the Week :
We’re now £20 down as Jazz S was scuppered by QPR and Charlton. Next up is Mark F – we need a rezzer son!

Table News…

Top Board:
Mark F moves up 2 places to open up an 8 point gap at the top from Jazz S.
Dead In The Water:
Greg E slips down 3 places to rock bottom but only 2 correct scores behind the hapless Neil B. Both are 5 points behind Gary B.
Spring Board:
Danny A goes up 13 places to 20th, others upwardly mobile are Neil M to 10th (+6), Tapiwa M / Andy B to 17th / 18th (+7) respectively and your host to 24th (+6)
Belly Flop:
Jon T falls 10 places to 25th and others not really worth a mention are Neil T to 26th (-9), Jamie S to 28th (-6) and Stephen P to 29th (-8)
Gala Rosettes:
Clare N on 11th (-3), Ben H on 23rd (+1) and Julian F on 30th (+2)


Thought of the Week : How can last week’s worst PASer win £200 on the Chelsea – Barca game on Wednesday? It’s not fair…