L13 Spring 2006 : Week 2 – Roundup

Hibees :
It’s never happened before and we had to dig out archive rules to make a decision on this too! Whoooooooo! Exciting! Two people didn’t send scores in for whatever reason, actually, while we’re here, does anyone know Steve Tindall? please get in touch! Anyway, as you may have noticed there were loads of 2-0’s this week, so many in fact, that Mr 2-0 35(7) won the week! The booty is shared with the lucky non-entrants however, so, Matt Worsfold & Steve Tindall will each receive £6.67 each and Mr 2-0’s cut (the devilish £6.66) will rollover Lotto stylee to next weeks weekly prize – all to play for then!
Pope O’Rangers:
A bit like getting thrashed at home in the Cup without actually having to run around for 90 minutes to get humiliated – Andy Bowkett is this weeks doughnut with a score of 10(0)
Correct Score of the Week:
Four got Hearts, three got Sp*rs (Neil m / Simon S / Pam D) and two (gutted) people got Man Utd 4 Fulham 2. So, John W and Richard L cancel each other out to leave Mark F with the best correct score so far….
Bet of the Week :
Now, the only reason I didn’t get on this was due to the muvver of all hangovers (a top night out with our current League Champion, the delightful Clare N and her beau, Neil T) and pure laziness (think of that Charlatans song…). Just as well, cos Dave N missed out on a bumper payday all because the perrenial coupon busters, Wolves, failed to win again – booooo! Going into Week 3 we’re £5 down – Matt W and Steve T you’re up next. I did ask Mr 2-0 but he just said “put 2-0 for everything…”