L13 Spring 2006 : Week 2 – BotW


I'll be sending my scores round at about 5.30pm… snowed under here!

See below on how to present your “bet of the week&8221; – whether or not it comes in is your five pound dilemma – good luck!

Over to Dave N….

I've attached my predictions for this week, and here goes my attempt at bringing Ladbrokes to their knees:

  1. Kop out bet

    If anyone doesn't trust my judgement (who'd blame 'em) then my suggestion is to stick 3 lucky dips on the Euro lottery tonight.

    I'll expect a significant kickback if anyone wins the jackpot tho. :-)

    Odds that follow are from ladbrokes.com….

  2. 6 Selection/Accumulator @ £5

    OK, if you're still reading then you're probably Jon Tofeili and you'll bet on cockroach racing so you'll have no problem chucking a fiver on these dodgy results:

    Birmingham vs Arsenal
    Selection: [email protected]/11
    Manchester Utd vs Fulham
    Selection: Manchester [email protected]/4
    Leicester vs Wolves
    Selection: [email protected]/4
    Leeds vs QPR
    Selection: [email protected]/7
    Crewe vs Reading
    Selection: R[email protected]/9
    Newcastle vs Portsmouth
    Selection: [email protected]/11

    Accumulator Potential Return: £105.26

  3. 7 Selection/Accumulator @ £5

    If that wasn't enough, I thought it only fair to involve the Mackems in this for a laugh, so take the above plus this:

    West Ham vs Sunderland
    Selection: West [email protected]/2

    Accumulator Potential Return: £157.88

  4. 7 Selection/sixfold @ £3.50

    Not as good a return, but if you stick a sixfold from all 7 games from bet (3) above:

    Sixfolds from 7 = Potential Return: £68.56

Before anyone asks, yes I am indecisive, yes I do analyse this $hit far too much, and no I'd never be happy with any of the above bets.

My fiver is on bet (2), plus the cheeky lucky dips on the lottery, just can't help myself.

Have a good weekend, Dave

Result: LOSER!