Spring Cup 2006 1st Round 1st Leg (FA Cup 3rd Round)

Robbie! Robbie! Robbie!:
Not the best week to “win” as there’s no prize money – but upping her kudos is the missus, Michelle F 35(5) and she even had the sense not put Man yoo as her “joker”!
All those “no shows” who didn’t send scores in – you fools! 12(0) is your scant reward!
Correct Score of the Week:
Loads got Blackburn and Millwall, and quite a few got WBA, Man Citeh, Wigan & Sunderland – this weeks award is null & void unless someone wants to put a case forward?
No one took full advantage, 4 of you chose Man U or Fulham (duh!) and two of you (John W & Dan McG) didn’t bother to nominate a “joker” game!
Yep we’re all in the same boat being skint after Christmas, but if you can, start getting your £22.50’s in to me asap
All payments in by 28th January please – you can send a post dated cheque if you prefer.

PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2006 – We begin with Week 1 on the weekend of January 28/29. This will also double up as the 3rd round 2nd leg.

The scoresheet will appear on the webpage early next week – in the meantime sit back, relax, start studying the form and look forward to the results of our Christmas “Year End” survey for all things music & football…