L13 Winter 2005 : Week 13 – Final Review

Super Cally:
I won! I won! I won! I woooooooonnnnnnnnn! 30(5)Gedddddinnnnnn! Ahem. Sorry. The weekly win has taken me back from the dark-side where I was planning to do an Arfur Fowler and steal the Christmas money cos I can’t nick from meself can I?! Chelle, Christmas is back on luv, and you’ll be getting a pressie!
Gooner Title Hopes:
If getting the highest score is best in the last week, then getting the lowest is the worst. Joanne Gracie & Jazz Sian your 11(0) has cost you both dear I’m afraid to say!
Correct Score of the Week:
Would you Adam n Believe it?! Gary Blackburne has been in sparkling form the last few weeks and pulled out a plum with Boro 3 Spurs 3 for a massive 10 pointer that really helped consolidate his Top 10 finish AND he takes the “Best Correct Score of the Season” title too! Olly O was unlucky with his Norwich 3 Soton 1 scoreline….
Bet of the Week:
Nothing from Jazz S this week and just as well eh???! If you followed all the tips this season you would be around £50 up – not bad considering every other time we’ve tried this people have had to declare bankruptcy… Well done to all weekly winners.Tick. 9/10.
2005 Top 5’s etc:
We’ve had a great response to this and I shall publish the findings when I’m skiving at work in between Chrimbo and the New Year – thanks for all those who contributed!

Week 13 – The Final

OK, so the nerves were jangling and the Top 3 could only manage 37 points between them! However, Clare Nevin did enough to hold on and is deservedly crowned Champion for Winter 2005 – well done Clare, not only your debut but your the first girl to take the title – big up! Finishing fast and eight points behind in second was Dan Bushell who took full advantage of the blips, as did Stephen Peaston in third just one point behind.Special mention to Dan B who clocked up an impressive 52 correct scores and in PAS, that’s what you’re in it for! John Williamson slipped back to fourth after his worst score of the campaign and Neil Templeton made in Norn Ireland Top Ten (and household) double in 5th. Gary Blackburne has grabbed another £55 pounds in 6th to add to his winnings in Weeks 10 & 11 (and he’s got another fiver for the Best Correct Score). Simon Lindquist dropped one place to 7th and Matt “Stewards Enquiry” Worsfold held on to 8th place. I made my first appearance in the Top Ten at just the right time in 9th and Jazz Sian can take a crumb of consolation finishing in 10th spot after falling 7 places.

Elsewhere, Karl Chartres finally wins some money after seasons of trying by picking up the Spot Prize on 17th, Michelle “it’s a fix” Fernandez will hopefully by me a pressie with her earnings from Spot Prize 27th place and the man who only handed in 2 scoresheets all season justifies his apathy by scooping up the Spot Prize on number 42. Yes, you better read this Damian Duffy and claim your prize, otherwise I’m keeping it! Mr Kim Anthon finishes with the wooden spoon (and you do get one!) 10 points adrift of Ben McK.

Now for the real drama! As you’ve been aware all season, the aim was to finish in the Top 32 to qualify for the Cup competition next year (more on that below). It came down the correct scores in the end as 3 people finished on 278 points. Spare a thought for Danny A and more so, Joanne G who were ousted out by 2 and 1 correct scores respectively by Ahmed Amin, whose 37 correct scores saw him through – phew!

So thank-you all again for making this happen by taking part, getting your cheques in on time and submitting scores. An even bigger thank-you once again to Dave Nicklin who has made the administration here at PAS Towers 4 million percent easier with his IT magic (Dave has been made Honorary Board member and therefore is immune from not qualifying for any PAS competition).

Top 32 people you will be invited in due time to take part in next years PAS Spring season and Cup competition – those of you in the wilderness, I shall be in touch when we get to next September and start all over again although I may open up the Word Cup special to all comers (watch this space). If you finished just outside the 32, it’s not necessarily all over yet as some people may drop out and you’re next in the pecking order to be invited and step up. Better go now – prize winners will have their accounts credited this week or have a cheque put in the post…

Cheers – For-ca PAS!