L13 Winter 2005 : Week 12 – Roundup

’Appy ’Arry (Betfair sting):
As reported yesterday, any score bar 3-4 to Pompey would ensure Jazz Sian 38(6) his second weekly win of the season and continue his uncanny knack of winning money every season he’s been involved in PAS (do you know how much it hurts me giving Sp*rs fans our money??!). Well done Jazz, £20 to add to your PAS millions…
Un’appy ’Arry (Not fair penalty):
There’s never a good week to score the lowest, but getting the lowest score on the penultimate week is particularly not good. Mindy Norris 10(0) you should know better…
Correct Score Of The Week:
A handful got Sp*rs right and a trio got Sheff Utd’s 3-0. Clare N more or less cemented top slot with her Celtic 3-2 v Hibs, but this weeks correct score is MINE! Yep, I called Killy 2 Gers 3 and it’s taken a lo t not to take the “Best Correct Score of the Season” from Stephen “Toon” Peaston just out of spite. Grrrrr!
Bet Of The Week:
The Mackem was wrong and the Eagle was right – haven’t a clue what odds Toon were but I’m sure they we’re aggressive… if you’ve been following the tips you will be sitting pretty about £50-odd up. Up for the final week is Mr Sian and he owes us, doesn’t he kids?
With a 12 point buffer, Clare Nevin has it all to lose now in her bid to become “1st Girl Winner At A Football Game”. Male pride now rests on the shoulders of John W or a wonder week from those occupying 3rd to 6th place.
I’d like to say that a girl was propping up the table but Kim Anthon isn’t. A girl that is. Male pride now rests on the shoulders of Pam R who is falling fast and only 7 points from the wooden spoon slot.
Highest climber is, surprise surprise, Jazz Sian, up 10 places to 3rd. Other over-acheivers of note are Neil T (+9) on 10th, Danny A (+8) on 32nd, Ahmed A (+7) on 34th and Jim B (+6) on 43rd.
Furthest faller is, surprise surprise, Mindy Norris, down 9 places to 38th. Other under-acheivers of note are Darryl M (-4) on 12th, Dan McG (-4) on 14th, Tapiwa M (-5) on 19th and Richard L (-5) on 26th.
Chocolate Prizes:
Karl C stays where he is on 17th, Jamie S (-2) on 27th and Damian D (+1) on 42nd. You need to finish next week where Danny A is at the moment (32nd), to qualify for an invitation to the Cup competition in 2006.