L13 Winter 2005 : Week 11 – Roundup

JCB Song:
As pointed out yesterday, a West Ham win gave Joanne Gracie & Gary Blackburne 43(6) a share of the spoils this week, so a tenner each to youse two. That should cheer up a sad Mackem (a bit) and get a few more Palace Private Bar premium lagers for the Eagle. Well done – the weeks conclusion hasn’t excited me as much since I heard the rumours Thierry was off to Barca and the Arse then might buy someone who can provide a “Plan B” option so we can compete against the likes of Bolton…
Chico Time:
More woe for the Wigan Manc – Martin Stafford limps in with a Pompey like 14(0).
Correct Score Of The Week:
If you didn’t get Man Yoo’s 3-0 your name is probably Martin or Jim or Mr 2-0…quite a few of you got Mansfield and Reading too, and a few less of us got the Celtic score right. Jazz S and Phil B got Coventry’s 3-1 v Plymouth. No one got Man City and if someone got Bolton, sorry, I didn’t bother to look… Stephen P still heads up the “Best Correct Score” with two weeks to run.
Bet Of The Week:
The rather “safe” (nee boring) single bet on Palace didn’t come off (I didn’t go near it, did you?) but if you have been following all the tips you’d still be about £60 up. Gary B gets to redeem himself and Joanne G can chip in too (will she back Sunderpants actually winning??!) for Week 12.
Looks like the rules will have to revised for future seasons of PAS as we’ve had a few cases of “blanket scoring” occuring this season. The idea of this is to actual predict the scores based on knowledge, guessing, luck or in some cases, a pair of dice (or is that die?). Playing the “numbers game” is not in the spirit of the game and will eventually render it null and void if it’s not nipped in the bud – so there, you’ve been warned! Oh yeah, I’m back in the employed (real) world as of next week (14th) but I will continue to run PAS off this e-dress. However, I will probably send “reminders” from work so i will furnish you with my work e-dress as and when so I can build up a distribution list.
Top 5’s Of The Year:
Keep the lists for top 5 singles and albums coming in please, we’ve got a nice little range so far – final lists on Week 13

Week 11 Table

Clare N is still “Girl On Top” but her lead is now down to 7 points ahead of John W in second – big movers into the Top 10 are Gary B up 9 to 6th and Matt W up 9 to 7th. Highest climber is Joanne G up 11 places to 28th – biggest faller is Week 9 winner Olly O down 10 places to 39th – other fallers of note are Tapiwa M (down 9 to 14th)Wayne C (down 7 to 16th) and Dave N (down 7 to 34th) – Karl C holds his position on Spot Prize 17th, the missus is down 2 to Spot Prize 27th and Phil B is up 6 to Spot Prize 42nd – Fred R is down 4 places to the Cup Qualification place on 32nd…