L13 Winter 2005 : Week 9 – Roundup

Dougie Freedman:
Simon L and and Steve T will be cursing the fog at St Andrews as it robbed them of catching this weeks winner, Olly Osmond 41 (5). Well done Olly, gonna spend the twenty on voting for ya bruv in the jungle??!
A week’s a long time in PAS eh? One week you win a weekly prize and the next you’re propping up the rest with a woeful score of 8(0). Yes, you Jamie Sellers – and you live in Brighton. Not a good weekend…
Correct Score of the Week:
Most Manc lovers came up trumps on the 1-3 at Charlton, loads got Reading, a choice few got Chelsea, a few more had Liverpool. Pam D and Matt W got Celtic and amazingly, Simon L AND Neil T got the famous Palace 2-3 win. Jazz S got Plymouth’s 3-1 but this weeks props go to Danny Bushell for his Boro 3 Fulham 2 (and I had 4-2, grrrrrr…)
Bet of the Week:
I think you can tell by Jamie’s score that his bet didn’t come in! Luckily I backed Wolves on Friday so made my money back! Next up giving us tips is Olly O.
All scoresheets seemed to get thru ok, so that’s all good – quite a few of you didn’t bother this week though – don’t give up! You can still fluke a weekly even if you’re doing rubbish in the league!!

Week 9 table

Doubling her points lead at the top to twelve is Clare Nevin. Not sure if we’ve ever had a girl champion. Mindy N, can you confirm?
He didn’t submit any scores this week and now Kim Anthon is three points from safety…
No surprises that Olly O is this weeks highest climber (+16), along for the rise up are Simon L (+8), Simon S (+8), Matt W (+10), Andy B (+10) and Danny A (+8)
No surprises that Jamie S is this weeks biggest faller (-12), along for the slip down are Ben H (-8), Me (-7), Tim B (-8), Ahmed A (-8), Neil B (-9) and Ben McK (-7)
Prize Places:
Simon S is up eight to 17th, Tim B is down eight to 27th,Mr 2-0 is down one to 42nd and Scott A is down six to 32nd – where you need to be come Week 13 to get an invite to the Cup comp in 2006.