L13 Winter 2005 : Week 8 – Roundup

Little Mickey:
Only a few weeks ago I got a complaint on how “lucky” other players must be cos they’re probably putting “5-2 down for everything…” Well, it just goes to show, if you can pick out the “traditional” scores you can win a week. Well done Jamie Sellers 43 (8), you’ll have someone sneering at you now! £20 to get that Bircham barnet perhaps?!
Taxi For Crespo:
And just to add weight to the arguement for putting some research into doing your scores, up rocks Pam Riding 9(0)
Correct Score of the Week:
Quite a few to be had this week (if predicted all 29 matches correctly, you would have amassed 172 points!). You have to feel for Gary B who had Brazil down for seven, and they got eight with a last minute goal. Chin up son! Popular “bonus” scores were Grimsby v Macc Town and Alloa v Morton. One person got Poland and that same person got the England score right too! Stephen Peaston is now in posession of the “Best Correct Score of the Season”. Some consolation for just missing out on the weekly prize I suppose…
Bet of the Week:
We missed out on about £50 last week via John W’s tips – we’re you on this week? You should have been! Clare N came up trumps (on both fronts if you swapped Bulgaria for Spain) despite Mexico v Chile not being played (does anyone know why? FYI – all scores were void on this game for PAS). Soooo, if you put a fiver on like my good self, you would have got back around £32.88. Nice one Clare – Jamie S you’ve got a tough act to follow mate…
Still a few probs with the Guardian massive getting scores in – I can only suggest you send thru to the Gmail address as back up or start mailing back via your personal e-mail accounts. Dave N is working on it though and hopefully it will all be good very soon (i.e. if the G get a decent server..!) I’m off to Londinium this weekend so the last reminder you’ll get this week will be Friday morning – so don’t forget!

Week 8 table

Numero Uno :
She knows how to back a winner but Clare Nevin has now had her lead at the top cut to 4 points by Stephen P who is well clear in 2nd.
Middle Order :
Highest climber this week is Greg Edwards up 12 places to 30th. Honourable mentions to Jamie S (+10), Dan B (+7), Steve T (+7), Scott A (+7) and Ben McK (+8)
Tail Enders :
The big dropper this week is Dave Nicklin down 13 places to 27th. Dishonourable mentions to Neil B (-9), Simon S (-8), Olly O (-7) and Pam R (-9).
Last Man :
Only one point from avoiding embarassment now, Kim Anthon is hot on the heels of John McS and Jim B.
Spot Prizing:
Simon L at 17th (-5), Dave N at 27th (-13) and Phil B at 42nd (+2)
Cup Cut Off :
After Week 13 you need to be where Matt W (=) is at present on 32nd spot to be invited to play in the Cup 2006.