L13 Winter 2005 : Week 8 – BotW

After missing out on a winner last week (about £50 I reckon) it’s the turn of the Girl on Top, Clare Nevin…

Given that it’s taken me an eternity to complete this weeks score sheet, and I had to resort to looking up the FIFA international rankings on the Internet – (I am on the verge of failing to recognise myself since I started courting that Mr T) – I take no responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of this weeks bet, here we go… To win:Brazil, Poland, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Mexico

Clare has also pointed out you may have trouble getting odds for Bulgaria (Bet365 have got ’em all though) so if you can’t, stick Spain in instead – if that little lot comes in, you’re looking at around £50+ for a fiver – we can’t miss out again can we…!

And finally, we’ve several requests to resurrect the “Festive Fives” where you send in your Top 5 singles and albums of the year and we get a couple of charts for Week 13 so you see what your fellow PASers are listening to (and it’s a good source for those late late pressies!) So get thinking, compiling and sending – reasons why you like said tracks/albums will be useful too…


Result: WIN!