L13 Winter 2005 : Week 7 – Roundup

Darren Fletcher:
Where the “Scottish Beckham” headed a goal to stop Chelski running away with it, Clare Nevin 44 (6) won this week at a canter, and is now herself running away with PAS, opening up a massive 17 point gap at the half way stage. Well done Clare. You shall receive £20 very soon. Will you spend it on a FC Utd rosette and scarf for Neil T since he’s been (prior to Sunday), sooooo disillusioned with Man Yoo?
Only The 40 Games Then:
Oh dear, John McSherry 11 (0) had more of a mare than the Lino at Selhurst Park…
Correct Score of the Week:
Everyone in the world it seemed got back on the dead cert that is Celtic 3-0, plenty on the Arse and Ipswich, a few on the 2-2 draw in Scotland, Neil B & Joanne G we’re on wonderful Wigan’s 0-2 and Will O got Hearts 3-0. However, this weeks props go to Danny A for his Millwall 1 Crewe 3 result. Scott A is still out front for the season though…
Bet of the Week:
Well it had to happen didn’t it! The week I forget to bet on the weekly winners recommendations, it comes in… a 5 timer with a good value Watford included! Anyone get on it? Johnny W, did you back your own predictions? How much did the accumulator come in at??? Please let me know and make me feel even worse…
When you see the table you’ll notice “Mr 2-0” is back in business. I’ve had to refund one punter and that’s affected the “spot prizes” and 10th place. Sorry about that, but it was a special case. For those not familiar with Mr 2-0, he’s a made up man who gets the 2-0 score every week, so you can gauge your performance against the default score… just so you can see the value of taking part and having a think about it – or not!

Week 7 table

Tip Top :
As mentioned above, Clare Nevin is now a huge 17 points clear of the improving Karl C in 2nd.
Getting There :
Highest climber this week is a joint effort. Tim B & Richard L are both up 16 places to 14th & 16th respectively. Other movers of note are Stephen P (+11), Jazz S (+12), Jamie S (+9) and Olly O (+9)
Losing It :
Falling down the mostest this week is Neil T, down 14 places to 26th. Others slipping are Neil B (-7), Tapiwa M (-7), Me (-9), Ahmed A (-7), Andy B (-10) and Fred R (-10)
Rock Bottom :
As Martin S puts in his best performance of the season, Kim A is now 2 points behind John McS in the wooden spoon berth.
Tapiwa M at 17th (-7), Ahmed A at 27th (-7) and Julian F at 42nd (+3)
Cup Cut Off :
After Week 13 you need to be where Scott A (+4) is at present on 32nd spot to be invited to play in the Cup 2006.

Hopefully all the “reply all” and “out of office” messages aren’t coming thru now as Dave N has been slaving away all week to resolve the problem. Top man!