L13 Winter 2005 : Week 5 – Roundup

Pies :
Just like good ol’ Wigan Soul Athletic, this week’s winner provided the grim North with something to smile about. Pam Dyson 50 (10) produced one of the best winning scores for a long time and is there or thereabouts on the “best haul of correct scores in a week” board too. Congratulations Pam, £20 on it’s way for you to put towards the airfare when Man Yoo move to West Virginia next season…
Pires :
Scarily akin to scuffing a football with your studs from twelve yards out in front of a worldwide audience, Danny Ashworth fluffed his lines and scored 13(1). “Hey Danny! What’s the French for arrogant tw-”
Correct Score of the Week :
No one got the Cardiff score right (and if they did, there would’ve been a drugs test) or the Wigan one or the Fulham one (but a few of you we’re close on the latter two). I got the Sp*rs one, Andy B got the Toon-Mackem 3-2, but then so did Will O. This weeks best score goes to Gary Blackburne for his Falkirk 1 Dundee Utd 3. Obviously a massive fan. Actually I saw him at Cov-Palace last week and that Stone Island jumper was looking a bit strained round the midriff…
Bet of the Week :
True to form, Darryl M’s six-fold went out the window early doors and a few of us (well, me and Darryl) are £5 poorer. Mrs Dyson, it’s your turn this week!
News :
Quite a lot of you were plagued by mystery messages last week due to the “distribution list” work we were carrying out. If you receive these in the future please ignore! Also, you will notice that there is only one e-mail address to send the score to now (the “Yahoo!” one) so hopefully that will make your lives a whole lot easier in the future. As of Friday, you will not receive any updates from this e-dress as all communication will be done via the “dist list” link and my Yahoo! account.
Top Banana :
What do you get if you cross a plastic Scouser with a penchant for weak lager with a West Ham supporting Man of Kent who’s a referee? No, not a spin off series from "Two Pints of Lager, but a two headed predicting machine that’s one point clear at number one. Meredith (Neil) Butler (Stuart) are up seven places this week.
Banana Skin :
Seriously off kilter with Jewell & the Boys, Martin Stafford finds himself still rooted to 50th place but now 6 points adrift.
Green Bananas :
Highest climber this week is of course Pam Dyson, up a dizzying 28 places to 13th. Mentions to Karl C (+14), Simon L (+10), Michelle F (+8) and Matt W (+8)
Brown Bananas :
Withered most this week is Danny Ashworth down 21 to 44, mentions to, Steve T (-9), Pam R (-8), Jon T (-12), Matt G (-10) and John McS (-8)
Prize Winning Bananas :
Michelle F up 8 to 17th, Fred R down 7 to 27th and Mark F up 2 to 42nd.
Banana Splitz :
You need to be where Damian D (+2) is on Week 13 to make the Cup invite for next year…