L13 Winter 2005 : Week 2 – Roundup

Paddy Power’s League Champions:
It’s only taken him two weeks to notch his first win of the season, but win he has! This weeks £20 is going to JAZZ SIAN 43(6)and he can thank Norwich and Sheff Wed for that for providing 17 points between them. Still, he’s not got the Best Correct Score though… Congrats Jazz, £20 to squander on betting on dirty Sp*rs to finish higher than Arsenal eh?!!
Champions Of Europe:
Probably feeling a lot like “El Controller Gordo” after this weekend are BEN McKEOWN and MATT WORSFOLD who both chalked up a miserable 11 (0) each. And there’s even more misery for Ben in store when he sees the table… He he he!
Best Correct Score:
Charlton 2 Sp*rs 3? Nope (well done Stephen P and John W) Livvy 0 Celtic 5? Nope (well done Joanne G and Will O) QPR 1 Palace 3 ? No! (well done Stephen P and Margrit A). As you are well aware form reading the rules, BCS must be unique, predicted by no other. So, current title holder is SCOTT ASLETT for his FULHAM 2 MAN UTD 3 guess.
The new supa-dupa scoring system seems to have been falwless though extensive checks are being run, so that’s all good. You have noticed another new e-dress from me too – for all Gmail’s goodness over Hotmail it’s a bit difficult filing e-mails so you may be instructed to send to a different e-dress this week, but we’re getting there, so go with me on this one!